PLÜSS LAW is a law firm and notary's office specialized in employment law and all legal areas related to notary services – in particular succession law and corporate law.


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Notary services

PLÜSS LAW provides notary services such as:

  • legalization of signatures;
  • legalization of copies (e. g. of passports);
  • notarization of corporate law matters such as the incorporation of companies and capital increases, relocation of registered offices and amendments to the articles of association;
  • notarization of testamentary dispositions (wills) and marriage and/or inheritance contracts;
  • notarization of advance care directives.

image legal advice + representation

Legal advice + representation

PLÜSS LAW focuses on advising and representing clients in the following law areas:

  • employment law, including related areas such as immigration law and social security law;
  • succession law;
  • general contract law;
  • general corporate law.

image legal proofreading

«It takes a heap of sense to write good nonsense.»


Legal proofreading and editing (of German texts)

Typing errors, misplaced punctuation marks, and mismatched conjugations: Correcting them is a good start. In the end however, a text should also read fluently, be understandable and logical in itself. And legally correct.

This is where a proofreader who is familiar with legal language and terminology may be of assistance.


image attorney-at-law

Dr. iur. Martina Plüss

Attorney-at-law + notary public


Fischmarkt 13 | PO Box | CH-6301 Zug

Phone + 41 41 710 51 76


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